• Egon Rock Mix for rappcats.com

    45 archaeologist, Madlib manager and champion of good music Egon has put together this Rock Mix to complement the release of Madlib’s Rock Konducta 2 record. A hugely entertaining and enjoyable (Rock) mix that is full of obscure counter-culture attitude and Hendrix inspired guitar licks, it…

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  • Tramlines Festival Gig Poster Show

    Local illustrators Drew Millward and Tom J Newell have curated a Gig Poster show at the Millennium Gallery venue as part of Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival. The duo have invited ten other artists to exhibit alongside them, each artist tasked with producing a gig poster for an act that is…

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  • Blkoutln x TheFreekShow present 25 Streetwear/ Product Collaborations

    There have been a fair few dreams collaborations for streetwear fans to drool over in the past couple of years, Reebok x Palace and North Face x Supreme to name just two. Creative designers Blkoutln and TheFreekShow​ have taken this idea one step further with…

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  • Listen: Hudson Mohawke – Chimes

    Hudson Mohawke will release Chimes, a new EP through Warp on September 30. The eagle-eyed amongst you will note that the title track was ripped onto YouTube over two years ago, so it’ll come as a relief that instead of that 1 min 51 second…

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  • Paul White signs to R&S for new album

    After spending six years with OHM, Paul White has signed to the legendary Belgian dance label R&S Records for new album Shaker Notes. Perhaps an unlikely partnership at face value, the move marks a major departure for the British producer’s fourth album, putting down the…

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Pubscrawl Sheffield 2014

As a sucker for playful naming conventions, decent pubs and illustration #Pubscrawl was always going to be a winner. Featuring 10 creatives including Studio Binky and our very own Bonafide connect illustrator Tom J Newell and 10 pubs selling proper beer, #Pubscrawl sounds like a…

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