Out Of The Box: 5 Essential Chicken Shop Music Videos

Photo Credit: Matt Luton

Throughout large cities across the UK, hitting up a chicken shop has become the logical equivalent of what ‘grabbing a slice’ is for New Yorkers. There’s a time and a place for Fish and Chips, but Chicken is a constant.

Just like our Atlantic cousins with their minor squabbles over New York vs Chicago styles (ed. they’re both wrong), divisions in the UK run deep. Sides are taken and the argument gets bitter. Whether you’re strictly Morley’s kind of South London head, a Dixy devotee or only comfortable in your Chicken Cottage, you’ll know that people are passionate about their wings. Chicken shops have become such a standard part of people’s lives that Vice have felt the need to laboriously blather on about the Chicken Shop x Artschool Student x Gentrification collab that’s apparently leading us all to a tragic premature death, buried in coffins covered in Sam’s logos surrounded by 35mm photography.

Still, the day to day position that chicken shops hold has slowly worked its way across the cultural landscape and led to some right tasty visuals and comedy shorts. We asked Eve Mahoney, the director responsible for the BBC’s 15 years of 1Xtra visuals, to give us a list of her 5 Essential Chicken Shop Music Videos within UK music.


1.Shawlin – Sam’s Two for Two
Back at school, the two for two meal was a highly respected deal. Every lunch, Sam’s was packed full of boys gassing over their banquet. Don’t get it twisted, the visuals and Shawlin’s flow are both TIGHT AF – those low angle performance shots are engrained in my memory.


2.Mura Masa – What If I Go?
The most tasteful and inventive of the bunch has to be What If I Go?. The 3D Photography and cast make it so special. By not making the chicken shop the centre piece, it shows how embedded chicken shops are in London.
Favourite moment: the kiss by the counter (1.48).


3.The Last Skeptik – Splinters
In terms of narrative, Splinters does a great job. They deep fry the dude, ffs!! Big fan of the elaborated humungous chicken box but bro, what is with the dancing women dressed as wings? Objectifying women as meat is proper dated and is a dead joke tbh…


4.Chicken Shop Date with AJ Tracey
Ok – not strictly a music video, but these artist interviews are popping right now. “Do you ever text Novelist to say, Novelist please don’t wear the nike gilet today?” LOLz.  Yes.


5.Conrad Kira – Chicken n Chips (feat Mo the Comedian)
This is my fave (duh) because I made it with Conrad Kira. Our mutual love for the Batman cartoons inspired the long shadows and colour schemes for the dark moody shots. We needed to make it moody to match the cold instrumental but it had to be funny to coincide with the lyrics. Only minutes before filming Conrad told me that Mo was in Peckham to make a feature, I was gassed mate. I’m low-key a very big fan, so it was fun to just let the camera roll for their performance.


*Special Mention*

6.The Pengest Munch: Ep 6. Chick King (Tottenham)
The Chicken Connoisseur is a well recognised and loved culture critic but shouts to the filmmaker behind the camera; his style is cialis prix mad!!! Those wide lenses do a lot. Deciding to keep the frame on Connoisseur’s munching and not cut it is a weird choice that I really like. The graphics are very of the moment so it’ll be great to watch again in about 20/30 years. Not forgetting the really random and weird ‘WINGS N DAT’ segment which is made its way into mine and a lot of other’s vocabluary. Comedy genius.


If you’re fiending for more Chicken Shop sizzlers check African Boy and Red Hot Crew.

Or read up on how hip-hop conquered the fashion world: Dressed to Ill.

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