Alexander Nut’s 5 favourite electro records

Alexander Nut has nudged further and further into the psyche of music lovers and record collectors. Since founding Eglo Records in 2009, the imprint has boasted a fine selection of breakbeat and electronic soul classics. Notably unveiling to the world to the seemingly limitless scope of Fatima, the brain child of Henry Wu and K15 (Wu15), not to mention early Floating Points and FunkinEven.

He’s also a man with unwavering taste and sophistication behind the decks but enough about that. For the purposes of this regular featurette, as any Bonafide reader will know, we’re curious to learn of those lesser known loves.

So, here are Alexander Nut’s 5 Favourite electro records.

Disclaimer: this list excludes Newcleus; Jam On It, Cyberton; Clear, Hashim; Al Nayfish and Man Parrish; Hip Hop Be Bop, which according to Nut are “arguably the greatest electro records of all time.”

Model 500 – No UFO’s (1985)
Is it techno, is it electro? Does it matter? It still sounds like it was made on a different planet with more advanced technology than our own. Juan Aktins changed the world. Gives me goose bumps every time.


Newcleus – Cyborg Dance (1985)
With the exception of ‘Jam On It’ this would be my favourite Newcleus track. A real space ride, sounds like a b-boy battle cry from Mars…and the cover to this LP ‘Space Is The Place’ is one of my fave sleeves.


Paul Hardcastle – Rainforest (1985)
Not technically an electro track, but still totally an electro track. One for the poppers and lockers. Paul Hardcastle got that computer funk.


G-Force – Feel The Force (1983)
Vocoder Electro Rap, dark, raw and dirty. Essential!


Extra T’s – E.T. Boogie (1982)
Slow mo electro boogie. Classic material on the always reliable Sunnyview records.

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