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Always Check The Label: Hotflush Recordings

Always Check the Label is Bonafide’s inaugural documentary feature series, where we take an in-depth look at some of the most exciting record labels in underground music. By avoiding clichéd Q+As and taking a retrospective approach, the series attempts to really get under the skin of the labels, not just the artists but also the individuals that make the music happen, searching for narrative and a sense of what gives the label under investigation its own distinctive identity in this highly saturated market. 

We begin the series with Hotflush Records, a Berlin-based imprint founded by Paul Rose (a.k.a Scuba) in 2003 that has steadily evolved from HQ in Rose’s London bedroom to one of the most innovative and forward-thinking labels in electronic music. By spending time at the label offices, now based in Berlin, along with important locations like Berghain and fabric, together with contributions from many of the label’s leading faces, including Locked Groove, Jack Haighton [Label Manager], George FitzGerald, Dense & Pika and many more, Bonafide have delved right into the heart of Hotflush to explore what makes it the label that it is today. 

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