Birdworld Release UNDA Reworks

As transatlantic duo BirdWorld (Cellist Gregor Riddell and percussionist Adam Teixeira) continues stirring the pot for a second album, here they present 12 reworks of tracks from their debut album UNDA.

It’s a smorgasbord of remixes spanning ambient, dance, drone, field recording, world, folkloric, modern jazz and music for film. A heady, varied and exuberant listen.

Says Gregor: ” In February 2020 BirdWorld was locking in plans to record their second album. Little did we know what was around the corner! Having spent the last year apart in our respective countries during this pandemic – with a beautiful 1-year-old child each to keep us company and on our toes – we didn’t manage to make the record. Regardless, we continued to brew ideas for the record independently throughout 2020 which we’ve honed into more structured and succinct compositions than if we’d recorded it as originally planned. Meanwhile, we thought it would be a positive use of the time spent apart to develop a rework of UNDA from a pool of artists we admire”.

UNDA Reworks is available to purchase now via Focused Silence records. Or stream below.