Blockhead announces new album, Bubble Bath

New York musician Blockhead has announced a new full length, entitled Bubble Bath.

Lead single and initial track on the album, On The Bright Side (streamable below), sets the scene for his trademark dreamscaping, instrumental hip hop.

Having released 10 albums over the past decade and a half, he’s chosen pioneering independent, artist-run label Future Archive Recordings for the release of this new material.

Blockhead will tour extensively in Europe this fall with fellow Ninja Tune alumni Yppah and Future Archive Recordings artist Arms and Sleepers, as well as in North America from November through to January 2020.

“I want the music I make to be unaffected by outside influences. I like the idea of working in a bubble…” reflects Blockhead.

When I have to describe what I do to someone,  it’s always a little awkward because it starts as, ‘I’m a musician’ and as questions come back it gets broken down.

‘No, I don’t play any instruments.’ ‘No, I’m not trained in musical theory.’ ‘I make beats’. When it comes down to it, everything I do has always been guided by my ears and sensibility.”

Bubble Bath is released 8 November 2019 on Future Archive Recordings. Pre-order 2LP, cassette and digital editions here.

Track listing:

1. On the Bright Side
2. Bubble Bath
3. Spicy Peppercorn
4. The Magical Intimacy Camel
5. It Is Not Yet Time For the Percolator
6. Sugar Daddies’ Lament
7. Over and Out
8. Life Support
9. Moist Ghost
10. Spa Day With Your Moms
11. That’s How He Got Dead
12. Vitamin D Deficiency