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Listen: Blu – Soul Amazing (Part One)

Everyone’s favourite underground rapper Blu has just delivered a beefed up compilation package that’s guaranteed to brighten up all of those lingering January blues. Hailed from all corners as one of hip-hop’s best and most underrated rappers, Blu has made a career out of doing the unpredictable, and out of nowhere has put together a 44 track compilation, Soul Amazing (Part One). Whilst the majority of the content will be familiar to Blu fans, with the tape consisting of originals and featured tracks over the past few years, it still serves as a neat summation of his career to date.

Have a listen below, or head over to Bandcamp and make the tape yours to keep. And if you feel inclined to read into the title, then a follow up collection may not be too far away. But knowing Blu we wouldn’t advise you to hold your breath.

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