Blue Daisy’s 5 favourite records

Kwesi Darko is an artist in the truest sense of the word. His uncompromising brand of electronica as Blue Daisy apart, he harbours a discernibly visceral creativity most recently seen in his new self-directed video for Psychotic Love, taken from his new EP of the same name. All shaky camerawork, dark red hues and perverse imagery, it’s the kind of deeply unsettling work that would have Gaspar Noé beaming from ear to ear, and the perfect visual accompaniment to Darko’s own production which itself is all knotty beats, atonal synths and demonic howls.

It is with this eminently unconventional spirit in mind that we invited Darko to compile a list of his 5 favourite records, and what a list it is. Dig in below.

Dizzee Rascal ft God’s Gift – Hold Ya Mouf
Off one of my favourite albums ever, this song brings back memories, used to psyche me up differently, still does to be honest.

The Streets – Geezers Need Excitement
Another classic album and one the best UK albums, probably not as iconic in my life as boy in da corner but most definitely spoke volumes and this song I connect with one hundred.

Notorious BIG – Kick In The Door
All i’ma say is BIGGIE!

Slum Village – Climax
Mind sex is what this song literally is, its just hella sexy, make babies to this for real.

Massive Attack – Angel
MASSIVE! Still relevant today, still spits over a bunch of current electronic/alternative songs in the current climax, I feel like this song will forever live. Timeless!

Blue Daisy’s Psychotic Love is out now on 37 adventures

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