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DJ Cam x Bonafide Beats #32

After a particularly bohemian weekend in Paris (admittedly my only one but still, high and freewheelin times) I remember copping DJ Cam’s Substances LP for the journey home. For years people had been recommending his music and once on the train home I began to understand why.

Cam created dense, intricate and abstract soundscapes, flitting between elements of jazz, recognisable hip-hop samples and with tracks such as Twlight Zone epic drum machine patterns. Since Substances he’s moved away from the atmospheric stylings in favour of more straight up bangers and also working on remixes, sound design for the fashion world, and also TV and film soundtracks.

Still, as he eloquently put it to an interviewer a few years ago he “love[s] hip-hop like Madonna loves dick.” And with this exclusive 2 hour pearler of a mix recorded live in Moscow earlier this year, DJ Cam deftly demonstrates why he’s the OG French beat assassin.

No track list for this one but don’t let that stop you as the mix is an absolute corker.

DJ Cam will be playing this Saturday night at the Forum in support of The Herbaliser for their album launch party alongside Belleruche and DJ Food. Get your tickets here.

DJ Cam x Bonafide Beats #32 by Bonafide_Magazine on Mixcloud

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