Bonafide will host first live-performance video premiere tonight via Facebook.

Bonafide will be broadcasting live from Copenhagen…

 In the first of what will be many collaborations with artists, creators and right interesting individuals from across the world, we launch the Bonafide Live series.

Bonafide Live will focus on showcasing the most innovative and experimental works that the global community has to offer you. Some of these live events might change the game, some might not, some might even go completely wrong and leave you asking ‘What the bloody hell did I just watch?’. But thats the great thing about experiments; it’s the process that’s majestic, not the analysis afterwards.

To kick it off we are honoured to be hosting the Danish artist VAKLE and her meditation on what might lie ahead of us. Back to Future Sounds presented VAKLE to us a little while back and we were instantly hooked on her narrative, music and vision. Straight from the bubbling and ever on point city of Copenhagen, we will broadcast VAKLE’s short film through our Facebook page.

VAKLE will mix live and sing live, giving her moody futurebeats composition its first public screening. E273 – an audiovisual experience tightly executed by the dons of design, the Danish. A short film dealing with topics such as digital isolation and pollution, VAKLE’s music and haunting voice will carry the otherwise silent movie. In one of many possible futures, why speak if there is no one to speak to?

Join us at 8pm GMT as VAKLE fosters a conversation with you about our shared future.

We caught up with VAKLE before the main event to give you a little taste of what she’s about, where she come from and why she’s doing it.



I’m an artist doing different projects often with music as a common denominator. I think life is all about challenging yourself and exploring new things, and that feeling of constant self-development often drives me to try out new stuff, like this short film E273. I’ve had this universe in mind for a while and decided to do something about it, so I gathered up a team of great people and a talented young director from Denmark, Lui Larsen, to work out the movie together.


I’m based in Copenhagen at the moment. I grew up in a small town in South Denmark but have been constantly traveling, studying music since I was old enough to do that by myself. I feel like every place I’ve been adds something to the music. For me, London was the place I really started to enjoy rough unperfected sounds.  Haarlem (NL) was where I rediscovered breakbeats. I’m really enjoying the scene in Copenhagen at the moment, I feel like it’s not just about music, it’s about culture and arts. I generally like the term artist better than producer, singer, songwriter… whatever. It’s hard to put yourself into such a small box. Artist feels a bit more open.


E273 is a short film about one possible future of many. A lonely future in which the only goal in life is to survive. In my generation, growing up with the internet and social platforms all around, loneliness seems more serious than ever, and I wanted to address that in the movie, but from a different angle. It’s not that social media platforms are all bad, I think we just haven’t learned how to use them correctly yet.


Displaying the film on social media, like we’re doing, is about creating a truly memorable experience, even though it’s on a platform where we’re generally scrolling past a huge amount of information every hour, every day. I hope that people will have that feeling like they’ve experienced something memorable when they lie in bed Monday evening and think back on the day they’ve had.