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Bonafide TV Episode 5 – Homeboy Sandman

“We don’t control the media, we only absorb it.”

With his First Of A Living Breed LP further cementing his reputation as an MC with an elastic mind and flow, Homeboy Sandman is a different kind of musical animal – peep his piece for the Hufffington post where he critiques mainstream hip-hops staid colour by numbers formula for an example of what we’re on about.

We caught up with the New York native on his recent UK tour. During a freewheeling conversation he expands on the types of subject matter that excite him, sets the record straight about the origins of Chimera and reminisces about listening to Jay-Z before he used to call a girl.

Production duties carried out to full effect by Mancunian production powerhouse Paragon Pictures. Peace to BBE Records for letting us use the Dilla joint.

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