Watch: Bonafide TV Episode 8 – Killer Mike

With a debut appearance on Outkast’s classic Stankonia, Killer Mike’s path towards the A-list of the rap game was set straight from the off. Since then he has gone on to release countless mixtapes and albums, and has used his far-reaching popularity as a platform to express politically charged views through his lyrics. This was perhaps most evident on last year’s R.A.P Music album produced by El-P, where tracks such as Reagan do not hold back in their tirade of anger and frustration towards past injustices.

Mike’s ongoing close working relationship with star producer El-P will again bear fruition later in the year, with a collaborative album due to drop through Fools Gold, and his insatiable working appetite has also seen him slated for two more records next year, I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind IV and R.A.P. Music II.

When speaking to Bonafide, Mike delves deeper into his political opinions on both Reagan’s presidency and that of the current incumbent Obama, his views on the decriminalisation of marijuana, and the state of the rap game both in his home town of Atalanta, Georgia and both East and West coasts.

You can read the full interview in the summer issue of Bonafide.

Interview by: James Cunningham
Directed by: Tom Hamp
Edited by: Adrian Choa
Opening credits: Paragon Pictures


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