Ben Eine Einesigns White Walls Gallery paintings

It’s been a while since I visited Ben Eine’s website so it was good to see he has given it a lick of paint.

Gone are the mischievous Care Bears and eye watering psychedelic colours and, in keeping with Eine’s upward trajectory in the art world, comes something altogether more slicker. Einesigns 2.0 boasts more refined navigation, greater content and promises to be updated more regularly.

The work on show looks to have gone up a notch as well, with the imagery from his show, The Greatest, at White Walls gallery, looking particularly tasty. Featuring one-off words using his trademark typefaces and vibrant colours, this is one wall I’d happily transport to my own living room.

If anyone is in the market for some Eine, check out No Walls Gallery who have some letter canvases in or why take a gamble on Bonafide issue 02 which has an indepth interview with the king of typo-graff.

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