Deyah Breaks Down The Care City EP

Born out of the most difficult year of her life, Care City is a musical reflection of Deyah’s experiences in which she dives into her own murky depths and resurfaces triumphant. Putting her vulnerabilities on the table but armed with purpose, there’s a determined direction to the EP as its story unwinds.

Below, Deyah maps out some thoughts on each track. Stream the Care City EP here. 

Terminal 7 (Intro)
Hope in dystopia with the awareness of darkness but the acknowledgement of light.

Finding freedom, contentment and peace in all circumstances including isolation, grief, pain, trauma, struggle, heartache etc…

Planet X
The celebration of organic growth, individuality and patience with self. The ability to put pressures and expectations on the shelf and move according to your timing.

An insight into relationships and the downfalls, being independent whilst trying to maintain a union.

A candid track regarding addiction and the struggles/isolation and judgement that comes with it. The experience of being clean and relapsing, constantly fighting an inner battle with yourself.

Venthouse Suite
The pain of being judged, bullied and mistreated whilst attempting to build self and survive the situation in hopes of finding forgiveness for those who have caused hurt.

A heartfelt track concerning a relationship plagued with addiction and self-destruction. This track highlights the struggle between someone who’s sober and his partner who’s an addict and has relapsed. The track is from the point of view of the addict, who feels disregarded and given up on.

Liquor Lament
An honest track about losing faith and losing control… the track is a progressive journey starting with a complete denouncing of faith to self reflection and a cry out for help.

Photography: Will Beach
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