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Doseone x Bonafide Beats #29

I first came across Adam ‘Doseone’ Drucker via his work with cLOUDDEAD,where the group had two tracks on Big Dada’s 10 year anniversary compilation, Well Deep (2007).

Amongst a sea of unusual characters (Infinite Livez, Infesticons, Busdriver, etc) cLOUDEAD stood out. Notably for the song themes; the intimately gruesome Dead Dogs Two and the literal Physics of a Bicycle, the scattergun like effect of the ideas that went into producing them (Boards of Canada remixed the former while Physics…was taken from the 2001 Peel Sessions) and Doseone’s nasal high pitched voice, lending him the affect of an anti-cool cool Kool Keith.

Digging deeper I found out about the rich tapestry that is Anticon, the sometime label and sprawling collective of musicians and their side projects that included Drucker’s colleagues from cLOUDEAD, Why? (Yoni Wolf) and Odd Nosdam (David Madson), as well as another Bonafide Beats contributor, Sole.

The grammar defying cLOUDEAD haven’t released new music since 2004 but Doseone has been prolific, releasing music solo as well as part of the groups Themselves and Subtle. Though newest release G is for Deep is perhaps his most accessible material to date Doseone’s music is beyond even elementary attempts of classification. IDM, indie rock and ambient are just a few of terms used for definition but as Adam has always maintained – and this mix testifies – it’s essentially hip-hop.

Doseone mix for Bonafide Beats

In Doseone’s own words, SickSongsMixedForTheAdrenalineDeficient…

BEGIN SUBMISSION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Dear Interneter…
Some times it’s sound selection and simplicity…
sometimes, its Big Beats and Bass alone….
and sometimes it’s mathrock and perfect velocity…

No matter the color content or genre….
music that boils blood is probably my favorite of all forms in song….

Fuck A SundayStarbucksSourDoughDaintyDogShitPlayList…
Enjoy a timeless array of alternative artists in….


KA “chamber”
Battles “Dance”
tech n9ne “the Industry is punks”
ESG “tiny sticks”
Big daddy Kane “set it off”
camberwell now “working nights”
Shabazz Palaces “free press and curl”
Marnie Stern “prime”
Ghengis tron “whips Blow back”
Clams Casino “brainwash by london”
shellac “the end of radio”
saafir “hype shit”
portishead “machine gun”
public enemy “by the time i get to arizona”

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