Premiere Video

Experimental FX Rap from Washington DC – Model Home Premiere Visuals for Grip

Industrial, experimental noise rap ahoy from duo Model Home, who combine the DIY electronics of Pat Cain with the distorted, FX-laden cadence of NappyNappa.

Out of the healthy Washington DC underground and affiliated with the Future Times crew, the pair have compiled tracks from 12 months of online mixtapes into a comprehensive album for Warp sub-label Disciples, entitled, sensibly, One Year.


The video premiering below is Grip. “Grip was heavily influenced by the sound of Mix-O-Rap especially the release DMR,” reflects Cain. “We just tried to get some of that insistent energy sonically and Nappa went extra hard on the lyric. The visual is an attempt at a totally bent ‘lyric’ video where everything is moving too fast to catch up and you have no idea where to actually look.”

NappyNappa, whose words are blurred even in the written form: “Th track Grip lyrically come from a place of feel’ng lyk th only way to substantially exist en this world es only obtain’d by obtain’ng th world en a glutinous & stingy nature by all means, when en fact et ALL YAHS infinite en abundance wunce we lyv en divine order & harmony.”

Pre-order the album One Year, also featuring Dolo Percussion (aka Max D), out on 29 May 2020, here.