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Favourite 5: Pursuit Grooves Picks 5 Environmentalists We Should Know About

Despite most of her music being instrumental in nature, producer and visual artist Pursuit Grooves (aka Vanese ‘VJ’ Smith, based in Toronto) is not afraid to embed social messages of importance into her music.

Her latest Bandcamp release is a reissue of a limited mixtape she put out for Earth Day in 2009 (a theme which remains ‘as relevant as ever’), 20 tracks including ‘a mix of hard boom bap and floaty head nod beats’ made with the SP-505, Microkorg and Juno 106.

Whether making music which some may pigeon-hole as beat-scene experimental, on a club-orientated house tip or the hip hop leanings of this project, Smith embraces variety and refuses to be locked down (pun intended), having released soulful sounds on Tectonic, Brownswood, Tokyo Dawn, Casa Del Puente Discos and Rush Hour to name only a few. Listen to a range of her work on Soundcloud.



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Below, Smith runs down some ways she keeps her finger on the pulse of environmental issues for Bonafide, including some prominent figures.

Stream and buy Sustainable Movements For A New Age – An Environmental Beat Tape on Bandcamp.

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David Suzuki

Canada’s finest when speaking of environmentalism. Activist and host of the Nature of Things, Suzuki has been a leader in spreading the gospel about ways to reverse global climate change, and methods for society to live in balance with the natural world.

He even has a secondary school in Ontario, Canada that offers a curriculum rich in environmental studies and models sustainable practices.

Nature Of Things homepage

Democracy Now

My favorite and most informative news source to get up to date information about the world, social events and how politics and corporations affect it all. They cover many topics, but often cover how corporate greed and negligent practices have devastating effects on the environment. Hosted by the wonderful Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

Democracy Now homepage

Our Planet

One of the best documentary series about animals, the planet and how we relate to it!

Hosted by the great David Attenborough. I grew up watching National Geographic but this is on a whole different visual level. It almost feels like you are there and an integral part of the magical world they are observing.

Our Planet homepage

Noam Chomsky

What a treasure.

Chomsky is a vocal academic, philosopher and social critic who has for years brought light to numerous social aspects of history and political policies that damage the fabric of not only the health of humans but the environment as well.

The Sustainability Agenda Podcast 84 with Noam Chomsky

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Portrait: Michael Shane

Another treasure! A bright astrophysicist, cosmologist, planetary scientist who seems to know a lot about everything!

He always points to science to show concrete evidence about environmental destruction and the role humans play in it.

StarTalk podcast archive

Keep up with Pursuit Grooves on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Her most recent album, Bess, is a tribute to Bessie Coleman (1892-1926), the first Black American female pilot, who left for France to obtain her international pilot’s license in 1921.