Favourite 5

Rasheed Chappell and Buckwild’s Favourite 5 Sinners & Saints


Sinners and Saints is an ambitious, 2020-themed collab between New York heavyweight Rasheed Chappell and D.I.T.C. veteran Buckwild, who ruminate on the dichotomy of that theme – in keeping with this, check their selections below.


My goal was simple: don’t try to recreate anything they have done, just create something that no one else can do, which is to be me – Rasheed


As a special bonus, we’re also premiering a documentary charting the creative process of the album, made by Detroit documentarian Lamar Landers, aka Theromatic. Landers travelled to Boston during the pandemic riddled summer of 2020 to capture a behind the scenes look at one of the most anticipated albums of the year and possibly one of the most important.



Rasheed: Top 5 Sinners

This was a tough list to compile, mainly because one man’s sinner could be viewed as another man’s saint. But here goes…

01. Nike: Reason being, the Jordan 2 is my ALL time favorite sneaker and they haven’t released it in its original color way in quite some time. So that’s definitely a sinner trait.

02. Cobra Commander: He had so many opportunities to actually complete his mission to take over the world yet always had a fail safe built in giving G.I. Joe an opportunity to foil the plan.

03. iPhone: Apple knows it can make a phone that will work indefinitely YET creates them with a shelf life just long enough to work until the new one drops, forcing us to cop. Foul.

04. Roc A Fella Records: The breakup of one of the most successful independent labels that turned major still hurts. I wish that Dame and Jay could have set the example of long term success amongst friends.

05. Sneaker Bots: WHY?!? Not even why were they created but why don’t they ever work for ME.

Buckwild: Top 5 Saints

Instead of going with a list of known or historic saints, I went with a personal list of who I consider to be saints for how they’ve saints for the virtue they’ve instilled in my life.

01. Mom: Top of this list undisputedly goes to my my mother. Her guidance and teaching is responsible for me becoming the man I am today.

02. Lord Finesse: Endless gratitude to this man for discovering me and opening the door for me to become an elite producer.

03. My Cousins: For being more like brothers and sisters than cousins.

04. My Children: For constantly teaching me how to become a better father and person.

05. Rappers: If it wasn’t for them, my beats would be without bars. Shouts to Rasheed Chappell, Flee Lord, and all the other talented emcees on the rise for welcoming me in and breaking bread in this new era.