Introducing: Aadae

Sometimes you hear something truly special, something that cuts above the noise of the crowd. This is one of those times. If you’re not bumping Aadae right now, you soon will be. 

Like us all, Aadae’s surroundings have shaped her. She was brought up in a strict Christian home, surrounded by her parent’s record collection. A childhood built on the sounds of Yoruba gospel, reggae, 90s Afro-juji and 70s Afrobeat, collided with the musical diversity of Peckham, has lead to a sound that’s many times the sum of its parts. 

Released last Friday, Agape EP is undeniably the new face of British music. Diasporas of culture and countries blended into, in her own words; “melancholic afrobeat that you can sing along to that makes you feel like dancing.” Opening and closing with samples of a Yoruba church service in rural Nigeria, Agape is centred on worship, a traditional theme in every sense. However, River of Tears, Flatline and Die Happy all provide the listener with a heavy dose afro pop which make the EP very, very current.  

Listen to the EP below and tell us it’s not the sound of 2018.

If you like Aadae, take a listen to this grime influenced afrobeat.

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