Introducing: Moro

Moro create music that is a mesh of perfectly matched contradictions.

While the production seems strikingly simple, it’s as intricate as it is mature; full of calming synths and playful drum pattens which back a voice that’s as smooth as it is piercing. This is combined with lyrics that exude both resignation and wide eyed naivety in the same breath. Their tracks end up feeling like soulfully defused lullabies for the modern ear.

Moro have been on our radar for a while, but having stepped up a level with their new single, we needed to get the word out. Jealous is all soul and simplicity, featuring exuberant freestyle guitar phrases from Samuel Brealey, ever a powerhouse of good vibes.

The brother-sister duo cite broad influences in their work, but as they communicated to us via email, freestyle is at the root of their sound.

“Our best, truest, most exciting ideas come to us spontaneously which is why we say we use freestyle to write most of our music. We also don’t have a classical or theoretical background so maybe that’s the reason, but we find that it’s just more honest”

Already lauded by the likes of Moxie on NTS and being awarded BBC Kent Record of the Week three times in as many releases, Moro are rising fast.

Grab their first EP 2 here as a free download.