Introducing: SHIRT

Words: Adam Chester

If you want to understand anything about SHIRT, the first thing you should know is that his PR team advertises him as “hard-to-Google”.

If you want to know anything else about SHIRT, you should know that this is the first time that the label he is signed to, Third Man Records (Jack White’s record label), has released a complete hip-hop album. A record label who have gone on record saying that they have little-to-no experience getting radio play on rap radio and their strategy to get SHIRT known is to focus on streaming.

From this information, what we have left to us is an artist who is hard to find online, yet relies on digital mediums for his notoriety. Damn this guy’s music must be good…




To promote his first release Rap he created a fake mirror image of The New York Times website, placing himself front and centre. A few days ago, SHIRT was offering free rides around NYC, the journeys soundtracked by his new release. This is an artist who takes the fine tradition of rapper street hustle and elevates it to beautiful new heights.



From the un-googleable name, to an album cover that’s just a plain lime green square, to studying for a Masters in Fine Art without ever having graduated high-school, everything about SHIRT is surprising. You should probably let your curiosity get the better of you.

We wouldn’t be surprised if SHIRT picked the title just to make life simple for music journalists… Check out this piece of Pure Beauty here:




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