Introducing: Wayne Snow

First appearing on Max Graef’s excellent 2014 debut Rivers of the Red Planet, vocalist Wayne Snow’s falsetto proved to be an apt muse to Graef’s own rugged slabs of jazzy, soul-drenched house.

Born in Nigeria, Snow is a colourful character whose solo career kicked off following his collaboration with Graef on his own EP, Red Runner, released on the ever brilliant Tartelet Records.

He followed that up last year with second EP Rosie, with Graef again behind the buttons. A five track collection that maintains the same broken beat funk that had formed such a formidable base for Snow’s delicate vocal lines back in 2014, it mightn’t be too early to compare the tenderness in his voice to everyone’s favourite neo-soul star D’Angelo.

With homies like Graef, Glenn Astro and the Tartelet crew behind him, Snow certainly has the arsenal to launch an all out attack into the wider world – it shouldn’t be long before we see a debut album from him. Could 2017 be the year?

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