Bonafide Beats

Kashmere & Jazz T X Bonafide Beats #07

From the deepest darkest depths of hell, via north-west London, comes the latest instalment of Bonafide Beats hosted by Kashmere The Iguana Man and mixed by Jazz T.

Kashmere was a central figure in UK rap as the genres popularity and creative powers soared during the mid 00s, releasing records on both YNR and Breakin’ Bread his humorous and often Hermetic musings contain clear Kool Keith and (MF) Doom influences while being undeniably British.

This mix acts as a pre-cursor to the brand new album Kashmere stars in…Galaktus: Power Cosmic with production by Zygote and Jazz T. Based on a shared love of comic books and science fiction Galaktus is a murky listen full of smoky jazz samples and tough drums while Kashmere’s flawless demonic flow proves why he is one of the countries most original MCs.

Jazz T – A Story
The P-Bros – Caviar inst.
Ramson Badbonez – Knock Knock
Kashmere – The Ark (Boot remix)
Kool Keith – Get Off My Elevator inst.
Kashmere – The Power Cosmic
House Shoes – The Makings
Gap Mangione – Diana In The Autumn Wind
Jaylib – The Official
Kashmere – I Am Galaktus
Ramson Badbonez – Welcome to the Darkside (Boot remix)
Ramson Badbonez – Heavily Stoned
Gangstarr – The Remainz
Jyager feat.Jehst  -The Session
Tame One – Bitch

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