KinKai’s Top 5 Rap Love Songs

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KinKai‘s ear for ethereal, jazzy boom bap (beautifully evident on album Mellow Mermaids and Malibu) comes to the fore with new single Plantain & Champagne, produced by Blue Lab Beats and featuring guest vocals from Saffron Grace.

“Plantain & Champagne was inspired by few conversations with I’ve had over the past year,” he reflects. “Plantain (or plant’in!), especially with hot sauce and mayo, is euphoric. Hands down in my top 10 food selections. Probably the way to my heart too… while the champagne signifies having a good time.”

To celebrate the single release and the fact there’s more new music on the way, KinKai – being in a big hearted kind of mood – gave us a quick rundown of his favourite rap love songs.

Black Star – Brown Skin Lady

These verses are just dumb good! Everything from the dusty loop to the way Talib and Mos Def poetically describe what they are in too (or who they’re into) is incredible.

Talib Kweli – Love Language

RIDICULOUS. Probably my fave track of all time. Hi Tek‘s instrumenta! The chorus is in French. And the bars are out of this world. The man said:

“You know a flower that grow in the ghetto
Know more about survival than the one from fresh meadows
It got love for the sun”

I’ll leave it there.

Common – The Light

You can just tell I’m a Soulquarian fan. The way Common flows on this… pffft. Vivid scenarios and relatable conversation. The guy’s wavey with it. I think this is one of the first songs I learnt too.

A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation

Hands down a big influence on the music I create. This song has stood the test of time differently! The ease of which they flow over this is incredible. RIP Phife, ’cause that guy taught me what humour and intelligence over music was.

KinKai – Plantain & Champagne ft Saffron Grace

Because it’s OUT NOW.

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