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Listen: Peanut Butter Wolf covers Eazy-E’s Boyz In The Hood

Stones Throw boss Peanut Butter Wolf has shared a recording from way back in 1988, a cover of Eazy-E’s Boyz In The Hood with local rapper Spunky Spunk Dogg.

Alongside the track on SoundCloud, Wolf goes into great detail over how he met the questionably named Spunky, and how that transitioned into meeting Charizma and duly beginning Stones Throw. Below is a brief extract from the said narrative, listen to the track after the jump.

“Spunky had more tattoos than I had ever seen on a human, especially for 1988 and I was always kinda afraid of rolling with him cuz I didn’t really know his background, but he always treated me with respect and admiration. I made the beats and did the cuts. This recording is the only one I have with him from back then and we performed outside at the backyard of a BBQ on a Sunday afternoon for an audience of around 15-20 people. We did around 5 or 6 original songs we had made and 1 cover and for the cover, we chose the biggest rap song in LA at the time. My turntable kept skipping as it wasn’t a 1200 and nobody even really cheered. I don’t even recall people really paying attention, but we were having fun and it was our first and last show together as a group. This was in the summer of ’88, and soon after, I moved back to San Jose, where I eventually met Charizma and started all over again.”

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