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Marc Mac x J Dilla x Bonafide Beats Record Day Special mix

Since the late 80s Londoner Marc Mac has been converting audiences with his sophisticated take on urban soul. A hybrid concoction of house, broken beat, nu-jazz, neo soul, drum and bass, and breakbeat, its a polished sound plugged directly into the emotional highway of 21st century city living. Working under a variety of guises, his prodigious output includes his work as one half of 4hero (alongside Dennis “Dego” McFarlane) – their Creating Patterns LP is a rare piece of beauty – Visioneers, Natures Plan and Nu Era.

While recording a new Visioneers record, Mac began thinking how hip-hop had been a (sometimes invisible) guiding hand in his life. “The music, the fashion and culture. Although producing all kinds of music from jungle to jazz, hip-hop (or at least what is was) has always been a part of what I do in some strange and sometimes very subtle ways.” Documenting this influence on Hipology, his very own digital scrapbook (that has also spawned a record of the same title), it’s easy to see the depth of Mac’s appreciation of hip-hop.

So, with the kind support of the folk over at BBE, Mac has crafted a J Dilla mix for Bonafide Beats as a contribution to World Record Store Day 2012.

Marc Mac x Bonafide Beats is a journey into the soundscapes of J Dilla, a musician who shifted the boundaries of what hip-hop is and whose reach and influence seems to get stronger every year since his passing. I’m not even going to try and pick out the tracks for this mix, I’m just going to say like a fresh slice of Yorkshire Tea Cake it’s a dense, filling affair that  hits the spot.

Marc Mac x J Dilla x Bonafide Beats goes out to the beat aficionados, crate diggers, hip-hop fans and indeed anyone who believes that Record Store Day is about celebrating and sharing good music.


Marc Mac x J Dilla x Bonafide Beats by Bonafide_Magazine on Mixcloud

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