Monki’s 5 favourite rave tracks

Lucy Monkman aka Monki is a tastemaker for the bass generation. Following in the bloodline of fellow radio DJ’s Annie Mac and Benji B, she has taken her technical and energetic sets from the airwaves into the club with her Monki & Friends night at fabric, where she’s been able to champion young producers and strengthen her position as a key player in the underground.

Having recently stood in for Benji on his esteemed late night radio show, the opening two tracks she played, Pride by Adesse Versions and Shutdown by Skepta, perfectly outline her outlook as a DJ – an unpretentious approach to genre-mingling where she is happy to play banger after banger.

She follows the same path in her FabricLive mix, with tracks by Melé, Floorplan and FCL standing side by side. In celebration of the mix and its launch party at fabric on Friday 1st May, Monki has taken time out to select her 5 favourite rave tracks. Stick these on some speakers with a decent amount of bass. They’ll need it.


Son Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Far Out
The piano in this makes me want to close this laptop, run to a field and party in a tent.
This track actually reached the charts in 1991 (The year I was born!) and still holds it’s place in time as a rave anthem. One for the record collection!


Psychotropic – Hypnosis (SL2 Remix)
Love SL2 so this remix had to be included in here. Of course Slipmatt was one half of SL2 and if we talk about this genre then we have to mention that living legend. The organ that runs throughout the track has to be a distinct sound in any old ravers brain. The Definitive Mix of the track is just as good!


The Prodigy – Your Love
If we talk about rave there’s one group of men you can’t leave out, The Prodigy. In 1992 when Charly reached the charts the famous line ‘Did Charly kill the rave?’ came about. Well we all no now that’s not true as the prolific group have extended the rave to generations that hadn’t even been born yet. I could only pick one and Your Love is up there.


Rhythm On The Loose – Break of Dawn
Perfect rave tune for a sunset or sunrise! If you need a tune to hug your mates to as you watch the sunrise from Stone Circle at Glastonbury, this may well be it. A melodic and uplifting masterpiece of its time!


Final Cut Presents True Faith – Take Me Away (Pin Up Girls Remix)
TAKE ME AWAYYY! Fucking tune. What it is essentially a loop that switches up half way through, but what a loop! I could never fully appreciate rave culture at its best as I was never alive to witness it in the flesh. But I can give a good go at imagining in my head with this record in the background.

Monki launches FABRICLIVE 81 on Friday 1st May 2015, alongside Melé, Cause & Affect, Mickey Pearce, Mella Dee, Champion and Toyc B2B Zulu. Head here line-up and tickets.

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