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NxxxxxS x Bonafide Beats #69

Not a whole lot is known about Parisian beatmaker NxxxxxS (pronounced N-Five-X-Z). Listening to his SoundCloud page you can make out strong Atlanta trap influences, with beats that are equally serene as they are turn up club bombs – just check his Boiler Room mix if you need convincing.

Releasing his excellent debut LP Fujita Scale late last year on Bandcamp, which recently sold out of its vinyl allocation, he has since been acquainting himself with the likes of Yung Sherman and Little Cloud, whilst readying new material for the world.

Looking through the comments from fans on his page, such words as ‘otherworldly’ and ‘trip-wave’ have been used to try and put words to his sounds, but Peter Arseneault’s verdict really takes the cake: ‘Super chill, makes me feel thoughtful, totally jells me out while keeping me focused.’

Ahead of NxxxxxS’s new release, he has blessed us with a mix which fits with Peter’s assessment down to a tee. So lie back, roll one up and let Bonafide Beats #69 wash over you.

No tracklist for this one, but you can download the mix from WeTransfer here.

NxxxxxS x Bonafide Beats #69 by Bonafide Magazine on Mixcloud

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