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Obijuan x GRIMM Doza’s 5 Favourite Hot Sauces

Purveyors of the finest leftfield raps and beats (read our interview with Wilma Vritra here), Bad Taste Records return with the new album from Obijuan and GRIMM Doza: the king’s wishes – ten tracks of  murky hip hop.

Obijuan hails from the Bahamas originally but now ‘lives internationally’ – at 23 years old he’s already collaborated with Philanthrope, looms., Lord Apex and Toonorth as well as released his own solo projects.

Partner GRIMM Doza is from New Jersey, and has produced beats for Roc Marciano, Tha God Fahim, Retch and Xxxtentacion.



Below, we premiere the video album opener Layin Low (directed by Broken Antenna), and stay tuned right after that for Obi’s top five hot sauces, because why not?


Obijuan’s Top Five Hot Sauces

5 – Tobasco

Simply, top 5. No debate.

4 – Frank’s Red Hot

You ever had that shit onna pizza? Fire.

3 – Louisiana Original

Incredible. Shout out to Louisiana, y’all got tha sauce.

2 – Louisiana Crystal

The right honourable runner up, a hood staple. You need this, we need this.

1 – Boongie Pepper – Hot Hot Pepper Sauce

Bahamians know wassup. 242 in ya belly.


Order a signed vinyl edition of the king’s wishes (including two bonus tracks), plus find digital and streaming links, here


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