Premiere: Masia One ‘Not all That Glitters Is Gold’

Singapore based alt-pop singer-songwriter/producer Masia One releases’ reggae-inflected single ‘Not All That Glitters Is Gold’ ft. General Ling and Jahwise Productions today via Nusantara Records.


Drawing on a myriad of influences from pop, soul, reggae and hip-hop, the song addresses gender-based violence, including grooming, harassment and sexual assault, whilst encouraging people to speak out.


Masia One says: “The song opens with lyrics that describe a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, setting the scene of this song based on real-life experiences during my Australian leg tour in 2019. The pop melody of the chorus chimes a simple line, “Not All That Glitters is Gold, not all that shines is the light”, reminding us that things are not always as they seem. The bass-driven reggae sentiments of Jahwise’s production provides sonic space to reflect on the powerful words being said. Verse 2 depicts moments of the assault and ends with guest artist and survivor, General Ling, adding her voice to the chorus as a statement that survivors of sexual assault will have their voices heard.”

Powerful stuff.

Not All That Glitters Is Gold is out today on all digital platforms.

Listen below: