Premiere: Motive 105 – Conditions

There has been perceptible air of nostalgia in the London hip hop scene as of late. Don’t get us wrong, the UK per se is jumping ahead across the board in leaps and bounds; maybe it’s because of this that certain artists with a more ‘UK golden era’ mid noughties feel are now building more of a following than was possible before.

The evidence is there. South London’s prodigal son Loyle Carner is gaining global recognition and advertising deals with his relatable reflections on life, while North London’s Manik MC, with his strong debut EP Midnight Express (even the title recalls mid 2000s), is deservedly beginning to to make a name for himself.

Now, step forward West London, embodied by Motive 105. We premiere his latest track, Conditions which carries production techniques associated with the early 2000’s, partnered with a tinge of 2017 trap. East London, you’re next. Where’s your nostalgia at?

Check it below.