Music Premiere

Premiere: Osunlade and Planetself collab for double A-side

After a chance meeting in Adelaide over vegan Korean and herbal tea, Osunlade and Planetself (Charli Umami and Inkswel) have continued to link up and become good friends.

“I showed Osunlade our High Tide project at the time and the music resonated with him so much so that our collaboration came naturally,” recalls Inkswel.

After many visits to the small yet blossoming cultural hub of Adelaide, a place Osunlade now frequents when visiting Australia, connections have expanded and now their work has manifested as a release on his Yoruba Soul label, a side imprint of Yoruba Records.

The double A side release features the track One, which touches on the importance of human connection to all beings, a love song with a deeper perspective of healing. On the flip is Earth, an introspective show of the importance of Mother Earth and the urgency for us all to ground ourselves in this connection.

The double A-side digital release is out now on Bandcamp, with limited edition 7 inch vinyl following soon! Listen below.

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