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Death Gate EP

Gaslamp Killer is perhaps best known for his work on Gonjasufi’s 2010 debut album, A Sufi and a Killer, as well as his extraordinarily eclectic mixes, some of which are available through the Brainfeeder website as podcasts. The Death Gate EP is the latest of a series of largely instrumental EPs that have marked the LA-based DJ/producer’s growing stature.

Opening track Fun Over 100 could be passed off as a slouching 8-bit version of a Busta Rhymes track, its digital coldness standing in neat contrast to the warm African funk of ‘When I’m in Awe’. Gonjasufi makes a brief vocal appearance, invoking a similar tone and style to that seen on A Sufi and a Killer. In fact, collaboration marks a far portion of the EP, with contributions from Computer Jay and Mophono. Both provide central props to their respective tracks, with Gaslamp Killer providing heavy, drum-led accompaniment.

There are some sterling moments on Death Gate, its overall tone bearing a great deal of similarity to  the various DJ mixes Gaslamp Killer has produced. There is an emphasis on the complexly rhythmic which marks it as a cut above many of its contemporaries. Gaslamp Killer’s curiously intriguing mix of psychedelic rawness and hip-hop aesthetics is a welcome addition to Brainfeeder’s increasingly remarkable roster.

Words: Andy Spragg

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