Review: Knxwledge – Hud Dreems

“Prolific” is probably the adjective most used to describe producer Knxwledge. A scroll through his Bandcamp will tell you as much—boasting 66 releases, it has tapes, albums and EPs each bundling a range of one to 26 tracks; each finished off with a slightly onomatopoeic, spelt-to-pronounce, punctuation*dotted_name. Pretty daunting for first time listeners, though a fan would learn to know what to expect. Kind of.

Perhaps the easiest to decipher are WrapTapes, where rap vocals are dominant though not always the focus. The side of me nostalgic for the 90s RnB looks out for Hexual.Sealings, a series named after Marvin Gaye’s famed hit that have an affinity for pop music and love songs. Just to give you an idea, they have featured artists like Musiq Soulchild, Sunshine Anderson and Wildcookie. Then there are karma.loops, through which Knxwledge showcases his instinctive loop-creating skills. Added onto these are the afromentioned EPs, single track release, amongst other gems.

It is a sound fans fell in love with since Gwapes.EP and still feel just as excited about today.

But we’re getting too technical. Hud Dreems marks the Los Angeles-based beatmaker’s first release with Stones Throw, and it’s pretty incredible. “There are beats that I actually save for wax,” Knxwledge told XLR8R in an interview a couple of years back. In the same interview he also estimated that he had about half a million beats, so it just might be that these are what the producer considers as the creme de la creme.

Following Hud.Dreems.EP and Hud.Dreems.Prt.1.5, the 26-track album (one for each year since his birth) feels like a celebration of his career so far. He gives you hexual sealings, wrap taypes, karma loops, and he gives you the best from it all, and more. And it’s all marked with his unceasingly original sound—the scattered percussion and cleverly paced 808 playing over nostalgic melodies, which stretch out over murmured vocals, all the while flipping abruptly in tempo and depth. It is a sound fans fell in love with since Gwapes.EP and still feel just as excited about today.

Words: Grace Wang

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