Favourite 5

Favourite 5: Ric Flo – Before I’m 25

Ric Flo is one third of the extremely fresh Jungle Brown, together with MAEAR and Tony Bones. Ric’s artistry is rooted in his experiences growing up in foster care, and new single Before I’m 25 addresses dreams he had before reaching his quarter century.

If I die before 25
Let me skydive into my dreams before I rise
See my father for the first time
Write an album ’bout my life
Before I’m 25

“It took me a while to think of what tracks that relate to the single actually… maybe because I’m too close to it.

“A mix of dreams, regrets… or having a lack of regrets in a way that related took me a minute. But I reckon these best speak to the theme of the song.”

Kanye West –  Spaceship

A spaceship is a sick metaphor for dreams, right… we all want to reach to heights beyond our current state so this is a must on the list.

Very relatable, young adulthood Kanye navigating his way by any means. Kanye changed the game for my generation and let you know you don’t need have to be like the status quo to be a successful rapper or better yet, artist.

Speak your truth and follow your genius.

Jay-Z – Regrets

Jigga man’s Reasonable Doubt album is one of my all time favs. Plus I make a big nod to his song Regrets at the end of my single…

The Foreign Exchange – Happiness

This song spoke directly me in low times, post-uni and finding my feet in young adulthood.

Phonte (one of the rappers on the track) is so good at that conversational rap style, I instantly connected with his humble honesty.

TheColorGrey – Silence Speaks

Message and melody has always been my vibe.

Love his little nod to early J.Cole in a couple of lyrics too. The acoustic stripped back version is even better.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

I was almost gonna put GabrielleDreams… but had to put the original song that I think it sampled and was inspired by.

Tracy Chapman’s personal storytelling is sublime and timeless to this day.

Check Ric’s Spotify playlist of the above here. Stream and download Before I’m 25 here

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