Robot Koch’s 5 favourite films

“Wonderful and strange – pop music from the future”. That is a direct quote from John Peel on Berlin native Robot Koch’s compositions. A Red Bull Music Academy alumni from back in 99, Koch’s rich back catalogue includes remixes from the likes of Norah Jones to Max Richter.

Last month he released his latest full length work, Particle Fields, a collaborative album alongside composer and violinist Savannah Jo Lack. Recored in LA, the city to which Koch has recently relocated, Particle Fields is a collection of works that intersect both classical and electronic worlds thanks to his intricate soundscapes and Jo Lack’s cinematic string arrangements.

To celebrate the release, Koch and Jo Lack have come together to name their five favourite films, including a sneaky mention for animated fantasy film The Last Unicorn.


Star Wars
An iconic classic in so many ways, the soundtrack, the FX, so ahead of its time. I got lost in this so much as a kid. It was another world and i dived in head first. I love that i was all stop motion and actual puppets etc, instead of CGI. I grew up on the original trilogy, the rest is just Disney franchise, nothing beats the original three parts.


Leaving Las Vegas
The soundtrack and the mood of that film kill me every time, it’s such a dense atmosphere, and easily the best acting by Nicholas Cage ever. His acting in other movies can really vary, but he is perfect here, it’s dark and melancholic and yet so romantic. I love that about it.


Alien and the sequel aliens are such milestones in sci fi. HR Giger and Ridley Scott delivered on point. I was so captivated by this movie as a kid, i’m all about the atmosphere it creates and how it sucks you in. Big influence.


The Last Unicorn
The first ever movie I watched at the cinema. I went with my grandpa and my sister. I wouldn’t be doing what I do today if this didn’t happen back then – and the theme song by America is a very guilty pleasure for sure!


Great story, great acting, awesome choice of music and set design. and the topic is so relevant.


Savannah Jo Lack


I love the aura of wonderment that this film created. It exalted the power of imagination over authority and somehow made it seem like anything was possible. I remember that feeling of possibility hitting home when I watched it, even as a really little kid.


Picnic At Hanging Rock
I love this film because it is terrifying in a very quiet, impressionistic way. The way the landscape turns from beautiful to sinister and the ambiguous ending still really freak me out.


I found this film so deeply human. I think it was magnificently acted and directed and the sheer commitment of everyone involved, to craft something meaningful over so many years lifts it to masterpiece status in my book.


The Princess Bride
It’s ridiculous and I love every ridiculous second!


American Beauty
I love this film because of its deeply disturbing exploration of the American dream. The way it slowly reveals the loneliness and contortion involved in living a life that ticks all the boxes but leaves its inhabitants hollow left me reeling for days after watching it.

Robot Koch’s new album Particle Fields is available to purchase here.

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