Music Premiere

Simon Jefferis joins forces with Rosie Lowe for new single White Rabbit

Portraits: Glauco Canalis

Some more ingredients added to London’s melting pot of jazz thanks to producer and instrumentalist Simon Jefferis, who releases his album Vibrations on June 12th, on Deepmatter.

Brixton-based Jefferis builds atmospheric beats with plenty of live guitar, keys, drums and bass, with the album featuring guests Abhi The Nomad, Shunaji, Dylan Jones, David Mrakpor, Ife Ogunjobi, Natty Reeves, Sheldon Agwu and Ben Vize.



Below we premiere the single White Rabbit, which features the inimitable Rosie Lowe (who you may know from her latest album YU, or her work with Machinedrum).

Pre-order Vibrations here.



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