Introducing Socket

In addition to our web platform and global print magazine Bonafide can now offer extended digital reach via Socket – a handpicked publication network of 7 of the most influential early adopter music publications in the UK with an audience of over 500,000 monthly unique users and 300,000+ social followers (and counting).

Socket allows your brand to plug into an expansive readership of a traditionally hard to reach audience.

Key partners include, Stamp The Wax, The Ransom Note, Hyponik, Inverted Audio & The Daily Street, but there’s also a long-list of peripheral publications that are online influencers in every major city in the UK (and Europe) for country-wide targeted campaigns.


Recent News 

WeTransfer x Socket June 2016

Bonafide worked with WeTransfer to host a multifaceted advertising and editorial campaign in line with the announcement of their WeTalkMusic podcast series. The campaign featured tailored editorial content published through, Bonafide, StampTheWax, TheRansomNote and Hyponik – shared across all social media channels and supported with targeted advertising on site and within mailer distribution. It reached a healthy 100,000 plays in the first 2 weeks.

For WeTransfer it’s essential to work with the right partners to reach the creative audience that is actually using our service. Besides our own reach, working with Socket has been essential in the successful launch of our new WeTalkMusic series.”

Lukas Nieuwenhuijsen (Music Partnerships Director)

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