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Stas Thee Boss: 5 Spooky Selections For Hallowe’en

Portrait: Melissa Wax

Sang Stasia is Stas Thee Boss‘ first release since moving to Brooklyn from her native Seattle, and the first where she sings: ‘Felt like singing,’ as she says in the Bandcamp description.

It’s an EP dripping in soul and even throws back to the Bad Boy era at one point. Listen to the whole project on this YouTube playlist and buy it on Bandcamp here.

Back in July (but what is time in lockdown?) she collaborated with Shabazz Palaces for Mega Church, a track from Shabazz’s latest LP. In a former life she was half of TheeSatisfaction, and shared Sup Pop as a label with that particular mystical outfit.

In a recent conversation, Stas – who is a DJ as well as a producer/rapper/singer – and I were reflecting on Hallowe’en coming up and what we might play. I asked her to elaborate:

2Pac – So Many Tears

This song always freaked me out because he talks about how he’s going to die young. The random Stevie Wonder harmonica sample from That Girl is a strange placement and sounds horror movie-like.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Me Killa

Obviously the subject matter is about killing, which is inherently scary. But the fact that it’s an acapella and in doo-wop style makes it even creepier. I imagine them on the block singing this, with their flannel, locs and braids.

Blueface – Deadlocs

This song is spooky because I treat it as a ceremony chant in reverence to the fallen ancestors. The haunting piano strokes over the bare beat, YIKES.

James Blake

All his songs feel like Halloween. It’s definitely the warbling of his voice and the emotionally manipulative lyrics. Nothing’s scarier than a gaslighting partner.

Old Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya

In the 90’s White people used to be afraid of Wu-Tang but now they are not. I miss those days.