The Week In Beats: Father, O’Flynn, Gaika and more

The internet can be a daunting place at the best of times, and when it comes to music there’s a never ending rabbit hole of mixes, remixes, tracks, mixtapes and videos being uploaded on the daily. It’s physically impossible to be able to digest everything that is throw into the public consciousness, so we’ve taken time out to handpick the six freshest beats we’ve heard this week to make your life a bit easier. Kick back and enjoy them over the weekend.

Gaika – The Villainous Theme
Newcomer Gaika might have just uncovered a wholly original sound for himself. Hailing from south east London, his deranged electronica is supremely devilish, as on The Villainous Theme where his ragga voice is put through a distorted filter and wringed out the other side to mesmerising effect.

Four Tet – Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never edit)
Oneohtrix Point Never isn’t exactly known for producing music that is easy on the ear. His albums represent challenging propositions, whilst his live performances are visceral with a capital V. He’s on different form here for the remix of Four Tet’s Evening Side, evoking a lighter side to his work that adds multiple layers and textures to the original whilst retaining Four Tet’s irrepressible melodic charm.

Father – Why Don’t U (feat. Abra & iLoveMakonnen)
Label du jour Awful Records comes through once again with a collaboration between Father and iLoveMakonnen, and alt r’n’b’s new bright start Abra. Father yelps and groans on the mic on Why Don’t U, taken from the hilariously titled forthcoming album I’m A Piece Of Shit. I don’t think he takes himself too seriously.

Stalin Majesty – Run It (feat. Lord Narf & Archibald SLIM)
Continuing their long running hot streak, Awful Records find another entry in our weekly selection. This time it’s with Stalin Majesty and it’s unmistakably Awful. Off the cuff vocal lines and raps all blur together on a beat that intoxicatingly pulls it all together.

O’Flynn – Spyglass
A stark contract to Awful, O’Flynn trades in dusty house music. Dainty, fragile and sweet, his orchestration on Spyglass is pure beauty, and while sax breakdowns seem to be very much a zeitgeist right now, we’ll let him off on this one because he may have just created the prettiest house jam of the year so far.

Kano – Fire In The Booth
Was this ever going to be anything less that pure fuego? Here are some sample lines: ‘I’ve been laying down 14 years, that’s one loss every 4.6 / Ballon d’Or doesn’t see scores like this’, ‘Home Sweet Home was my Off The Wall / but I’ve still got a Thriller in me everybody warned’. The king is back.

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