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Truemendous’ 10 Favourite Rappers

We previewed Truemendous‘ debut EP for High Focus a little while back, the talented, prolific lyricist backed up by production from Chemo, Pitch 92 , Illinformed, Winchester and Marcus Jakes .

Living and breathing hip-hop since a young age, it seemed a good idea to ask True for a round-up of some her influences to get a little more insight into her mind.

Truemendous compiled a list that she’s feeling right now, so while it’s not a comprehensive top 10 of her favourite rappers of all time, she’s keen to emphasise some would definitely make the final cut.

Huh – Truemendous

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Andre 3000

Never heard a weak verse in his entire back catalogue of music. Genius level skillset (in my personal opinion) in regards to how he constructs his verses together combining detailed poetry throughout alongside clever punchlines, humour and uncommon flow patterns.

Notorious BIG

One of the smoothest deliveries I’ve ever heard from a rapper. Oozes confidence and wit while displaying top tier skill overall. Created a portfolio of great music.


One of the most experimental rappers I have ever heard (especially his older material) who was never afraid of being different. Bends a lot of half rhymes to make unfamiliar rhyme schemes which work exceptionally well and speaks on bizarre subjects as well as relatable and honest real-life situations a lot of people can relate to. Also, one of the best freestylers I have ever heard.

Lauryn Hill

Remarkable versatility as both a vocalist and rapper while upholding both sides exceptionally well. Usually when artists do both, they’re a lot stronger at one but she managed to balance and intertwine the two to a top tier standard. Going against the grain and speaking on a lot of meaningful topics such as: equality, injustice, freedom, peace, love etc. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is my favourite album of all time.

Mos Def

Smooth vocal tone. Detailed and descriptive wordsmith in particular when storytelling with an easy to visualise narrative. Paints vivid imagery throughout his verses.


Jack of all trades. In my personal opinion he is the best lyricist in the UK and manages to deliver his material through various personas depending on the style of track. Mastered his: clarity, cadence, flow, lyric patterns etc and brings unbeatable energy throughout his live performances. A phenomenal and distinctive mc who I’ve always appreciated since first discovering him in my teens.


Exceptionally talented lyricist. Poetical rap style, creative wordplay, ‘cheeky’ humour and is able to create well thought out structured songs while maintaining hard hitting verses.

Jay Z

Main applause is for his longevity in music and overall business structure. Strong back catalogue of music with a lot of uplifting and motivating references along with relatable subject matters throughout various songs for different people mainly appealing to the working class and those living in unfortunate conditions (in particular his older material).


Very underrated rapper. Well thought-out puns and punch lines and one of the first rappers whose lyrics I dissected and analysed as a child based off his wordplay.

J Cole

I appreciate his journey and what he has achieved. Never saturated the scene with a bunch of feature verses (prior to the last year or so which I believe was more so to push eyes onto his label, Dreamville). He has stayed in his own lane, navigating an impressive career and built a solid foundation with a concrete sea of supporters all over the world while being his authentic self. Speaks about relatable issues and embodies meaningful lyricism into all of his material with a lot of powerful and meaningful messages for people to hold onto.

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