Premiere Video

Video Premiere: Braiden – V.O.L.A.T.

Braiden is finally back.

New 12″ V.O.L.A.T. / Hydroplane finds the British producer in the same kind of form that caused such a stir back in 2012, and comes on the heels of his last project where he co-composed the soundtrack for X Years in London, a film celebrating the city’s nightlife community.

We have the video premiere of V.O.L.A.T., and a Blade Runner-esque Japanese dystopia is the aim of the game here, with a camera floating round a neon-glowing metropolis at night, similar in feel to Gaspar Noé’s trippy Enter The Void.

Art directed by Braiden alongside 3D artists Ryan St James and Alex Baulch, the artists combine their backgrounds in motion graphics and architecture to create an ominously luminescent city space with hyperreal detailing on the busy skyscrapers.

In Alex’s own words: “A cue for the visual concept was to explore sounds in the track as a generative force of equivalent form. Static charge builds up giant reflective and luminous crystalline structures, made up of randomly propagating architectural compound components. A future dream of organic synthesis turned to hard surface mirrored cityscape.”

What unfurls across the duration of the video is a stomping techno beast of a track, imbued with ravey Lone-like claps and vocal samples that have been lifted from the Japanese singer Shiina Ringo.

Check it below.