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Video Premiere: Lando Chill – Take It Slow

Lando Chill is as he sounds. A soulful, spiritual kind of chap and much like his label, Mello Music Group, he is committed to the nu-school of ‘conscious hip-hop’.

Losing his father at age four, his debut For Mark, Your Son was an accumulation of personal poetry written to help come to terms with his grief. Using music to explore personal thoughts and experiences and inspired by Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist, Lando’s follow-up album, The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind delves deeper into his consciousness.

Break Them Shackles, the first video to accompany the album rendered Lando in angry, activism mode, stumbling through the desert in chains with the same staccato punch in his voice as Danny Brown. Take It Slow, is more of a personal musing on themes around faith, and love. Whilst the lyrics hide slightly beneath the epic emo-style score, Chill’s heavy-hearted prose slices through to pleasing effect.

Watch the elements engulf Lando’s silhouette in the Bonafide premiere of Take It Slow below.

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