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Video Premiere: Lean Low – Tigris

Image credit: Figment

Lean Low is the co-founder of Bad Taste, setting up the imprint in Sheffield with Trellion in 2009.

He’s collaborated with a mighty roster including DJ Dubplates, Itoa, Gavlyn, Blimes, Obijuan, VRITRA, Redinho and Oscar-nominated Riz Ahmed, plus has overseen releases from Wilma Vritra, YUNGMORPHEUS, NAPPYNAPPA, Walter Ego and many more.

Hip hop and electronic music influence his sound, but it’s vibe that defines it rather than genre. Tigris, his new single, displays this eloquently, and instrumental that switches from laid-backness to jump-upness with aplomb.

Archive footage from Baghdad, Lean Low’s birthplace, segues into Los Angeles, from where he cites a multitude of influences.

Stream and buy Tigris here.

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