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Main portrait: Christina Nguyen

NAPPYNAPPA – half of the group MODEL HOME along with Pat Cain – is an MC / rapper originally from Washington DC with a fiercely prolific output. IFEELJUSTLYKTHEIRART represents NAPPYNAPPA’s inaugural solo vinyl release, a culmination of his work to date.

IFEELJUSTLYKTHEIRART is deeply personal and markedly impactful, dealing with colonialism (specificallly France refusing to return stolen artefacts to Benin) and the denial of African agency and freedom.

The album’s out on Black Friday 27th November on Bad Taste Records, and features production from Black Moses, Paul White, Cajm & Sporting Life. Pre-order clear vinyl and more formats here.

Here’s the video for lead single BAGZ 4TH LOST.

IFEELJUSTLYKTHEIRART is my magnifying glass on the void that turned to a cyclic portal left by years of my mother not just Africa (though that is where most take place) but the entire Earth & our hearts & natural/native heritages & resources being stripped & extracted & rates that only leave the babies born with only a thirst for our own blood… This ends with us.” – NAPPYNAPPA




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