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Video Premiere: Pan Amsterdam Reunites With GUTS And Brings Carrot Cake

Yum, Carrot Cake.

Pan Amsterdam‘s second album is about ready to go, and this single is our first listen. In it, the ‘reluctantly’ mysterious rapper-trumpeter (trumperapper?) reunites with GUTS, with whom he’s worked in other guises, for a rework of the French producer’s track Come Closer, a love letter to Salma Agha‘s original.



Somewhat unusually for a tour to accompany a debut album, creativity flourished between hotel stops.

On the strength of The Pocket Watch, Pan Am was touring the UK with producer/DJ Mr. Shn (pronounced ‘martian’) and the US with Open Mike Eagle, when none other than Iggy Pop hit him up to write and produce most of his new album, Free (“little by little, his stuff was knocking me out, and I really wanted to sing [on] his songs,” Iggy told Canadian mag Exclaim) .

Pan Am (under the guise of his real life persona, Leron Thomas) further collaborated with people while touring with Iggy as trumpeter and bandleader. Consequently, the LP features Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods, Jimi Goodwin of Doves and more surprises.

Pre-save Carrot Cake here. Pan Amsterdam‘s second full length is entitled Ha-Chu, and lands on October 2 on Def Pressé.

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