Watch Episode 1 of new series Field Trips with Paul White



“The greatest mistake is that people think music comes from music. It doesn’t it comes from experiences”

What happens when you send a producer into the field with just a microphone for company?

Electronic music production can be a solitary pursuit. Using just the digital canvas of a laptop the modern producer can access almost any sound. As such whole tracks are conceived and created without the need to shift from the chair you’re sitting in.

In new series, Field Trips we invite some of the UK’s finest producers and beatmakers, to don a warm coat, open the studio door and venture into territory unknown.

The premise is simple: Find a unique location and take a producer on a search for sounds.

For this first outing – we invited the prolific beatmaker and all-round-nice-guy, Paul White to join us on a bumpy boat ride to one of the UK’s most mysterious places: The Maunsell Sea Forts.


Built during WW2, these majestic towers rise from the sea like rusty invaders from the mind of H.G. Wells –  decaying reminders of the darkest days of World War II. Decommissioned during the 50s the towers are just as well known for housing several pirate radio stations during the 70s.


BOAT WITH FORTS. - article


Equipped with a Shure Mv88 MOTIV fitted to an iPhone, Paul recorded everything from ocean ambience, creaking rusted iron doors, metal lampshades, discarded machinery and drumsticks tapping on ageing radiators.

The sounds and rhythms Paul recorded  (see below) were then converted into audio samples and two original tracks were created within the soundtrack for the film. Radiator Beat, does exactly what it says on the rusty tin. A drumstick dragged along a radiator is looped and layered over live drums. The segment was then cut back into the film to soundtrack the scene. The 2nd track, Maunsell, produced by the Bonafide Content studio, incorporated more hits, and recordings from within the Fort. Old bits of metal, a stool, a door slamming, rattling masonry, all were looped and layered. The track was then cut into the first half of the film during the reveal shot of the Fort. A crude but useful demonstration of what can be achieved using found-sounds.

Episode 2 coming soon..