Watch this new documentary on the London rap and grime scene

The UK scene has been on fire for the past couple of years, and this has for bette or worse resulted in a lot of media coverage in the public, be it with column inches, short films or something else.

For our money we might have just been gifted the crowning piece of media to arise from the hotbed of UK talent, with a brand new 46 minute film, shot by east London filmmaker Nathan Miller, titled LDN.

A close look at the scene, you get the sense that Miller has fully lived in the world that he’s portraying, with intimate interviews with homegrown artists such as J Hus, Elf Kid, and Kojey Radical and other prominent scene members like photographer Vicky Grout and DJ Siobhan Bell.

“It’s no secret that grime has been pushed into the forefront of music coming out of the U.K.,” Miller revealed when speaking with XXL. “Skepta has really shed a lot of light on the scene here, but my thing was, there are so many artists that aren’t in the international spotlight but are killing it in London.”

“For people outside of London, I would like for people to have a better understanding of our scene, to experience what it feels like to be here right now,” he said. “For people from London, I would want people to walk away feeling proud of the growth of our scene.”

Watch LDN in full below.