What do International Lovers Listen to?

Bleak Monday…

From now until February, leaving your house in the evening becomes the panto version of a haunted house ghost walk and actually getting out of bed in the morning becomes 10 x harder than waking up is.

Regardless, you’ve got to at least try and shake it off. We recruited Dave Harvey, founder of Love International Festival, to help make those daunting ventures a fraction easier.

Below are eight get-up-and-go, love- busting, house and techno tracks, selected from the WHP x Love International line-up. Let them roll through day or night to get the blood moving or to simply forget that it’s not summer any more. Dave plays alongside an extensive list of incredible DJs at WHP on 2nd December. Buy tickets here and scroll down to read what he said about the tracks.

Begin – Elate
Fantastic, beautiful, magical music from one of Manchester’s finest exports  – James Holroyd – keep your eyes peeled for new material from him coming to something very soon!


Felix Dickinson – Burning Flame (Machete Savane Remix)
This one has been in the virtual box since we got our hands on it, the whole EP is great too.


Larry Heard – (The It – Donnie)
So many to choose from here, heard this randomly the other day and reminded me of it’s earworm brilliance…


Crazy P – Never Gonna Reach Me (Hot Toddy Remix)
Close friends of the festival and one of the best live bands around, this one has been a fave for years.


Joy Orbison – Sicko Cell
First time I heard this I couldn’t get it out of my head, killer track.


Tuff City Kids – Wooden Dreams
Lauer and Gerd Janson deliver the goods big time on this, again so many to choose from here but a big fave for us.


Midland – Safi
Harry on fine form and for a great cause!


Larry Heard – (Fingers Inc. – Mystery Of Love, Club Mix)
We can have one more from Larry right?! Can’t wait to see him live!


He also included this video for some light evening entertainment…

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