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Whoarei’s Favourite Five Bedroom-Funk Jams

Whoarei’s Favourite 5 Bedroom-Funk Jams.

A collection of Grammy-Award winning Sacramento, California-based producer Whoarei‘s beats, compiled into the debut album Love Spectrum, sees release on Nosaj Thing‘s Timetable Records this Friday, 24th April.

14 bedroom produced tracks, made between 2013 and 2017, include the official release of the track we debut below – Loving You Ain’t Complicated. If you’re familiar with it already,  you may recognise it as the main sample from Kendrick Lamar‘s u, on the critically-lauded How To Pimp A Butterfly. Artwork for the LP is by Colin Macfayden.

The album is for lovers of the synth, akin to Dam Funk, Kaytranada and Toro y Moi chilling for a session.

Whoarei was making sample heavy hip-hop before this, and needed a departure. Most of these tracks, including this single, are his first non-sample based productions. Reflecting his Salvadorian and Puerto Rican roots, salsa, jazz and African rhythms play a part in the genesis of  these compositions.

Before you hit play on the single, check Whoarei’s top five selections of bedroom-funk tracks in a similar vein:


Jeff Phelps – Hear My Heart (ft. Antoinette Marie Pugh)

Jeff PhelpsMagnetic Eyes album is one of my favorite albums, sweet lofi bedroom funk… and this song is the sweetest. On his website he says he recorded this album in his bedroom on a Tascam 4 track cassette with a RadioShack microphone. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Dwight Sykes – That’s The Way Love Is

Tape hiss! I’m sure i’m not the only one that loves tape hiss, and there’s plenty on this one. Feels so good. You know in cartoons when they’re strutting with their eyes closed whistling a tune? That’s what this song sounds like, it even has a little whistling synth line. The synth programming is great on all Dwight Sykes‘ tracks.

Dam Funk – I Like Your Big Azz (Girl)

Funk just sounds so good on cassette! As far as I’m concerned Dam Funk is up there with the likes of Prince, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, George Clinton, Junie Morrison… he’s a funk legend. These early recordings of his are amazing and feel so good.

Poncho C. Saint Fingers – When I Come Knocking

This one sounds like it might have been done in a proper studio but its got a nice lofi quality to it. I dare you to listen to this song and not want to dance! Such a groove.

Candle Tribe – Candles

This is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded in my opinion. I can’t even describe it, it just makes me happy to be alive. The melodies and the lyrics and the horn parts are masterful.

Buy and stream Whoarei’s LP Love Spectrum here.